Malegra tablet reviews

malegra1Malegra 100 mg is a generic formulation of Viagra – the drug contains sildenafil citrate in its composition is identical to the active ingredient of Viagra produced by Pfizer, in the same amount as Viagra. The category of the drug and its application is also identical: potency and erections. Both Malegra and Viagra have the same mechanism of action of drugs, based on the increase of blood flow to the penis.

Tablets of Malegra are blue, diamond shaped and have rounded corners, just like Viagra Au.

One side of Malegra tablet is marked on the front side with the logo of the company Ajanta Pharma (small letters “ap” encircled by ellipse), while the other side there is the inscription “KGR 100? (or “KGR 50” in case of Malegra tablets containing 50 mg of the active ingredient sildenafil citrate) .

Malegra is effective in about 30 minutes after its administration. The time required for the activation of the drug (increased blood flow to the penis) can be increased if the pill is taken after a fatty meal and / or a heavy meal. Malegra is not an aphrodisiac and the use of pills with no natural sexual arousal does not lead to an erection – without sexual stimulation you will display increased potency, but the erection will not occur. The duration of action of Malegra is more dependent on the individual predisposition of every man, although, in general, it is assumed that sildenafil is active for approximately 4 hours.

Before using Malegra Australia one should consult a doctor. In particular, men with chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as the problems of the cardiovascular system, should consult their doctor whether to take the drug, leading to an increase in erection. It should be noted that, in some men taking Malegra in Australia, there have been several less side effects than when using Viagra, especially if it is a sudden reddening of the face and neck, the so-called blushing-syndrome. Malegra in Australia can be bought without a prescription.

Malegra is available in three different strengths: 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. If 50 mg is usually the most commonly prescribed dose, your doctor may prescribe a lower or higher than this judging by:

your health condition;
your current medications;
your reaction to the components of Malegra.

Below you will find a brief guide for dosages prescribed by the patient’s profile.

Malegra 25mg dosage. This is the lowest dose of Malegra. It is usually recommended if:

You suffer from side effects
You are taking alpha blockers

Its advantages:

Low risk of side effects
Effective against erectile dysfunction over 63% of men
Possibility of increasing the dosage.

Malegra 50mg dosage. It is often prescribed by doctors in Australia, as it is a good compromise between 25mg and 100mg. We recommend it if:

You take Malegra for the first time;
You have no medical history;
You do not take any other medicine.

Its advantages:

74% of patients who used the dosage of Malegra 50mg were satisfied;
The dose may be increased or decreased depending on your reaction to the component.

Malegra 100mg dosage. It is the biggest dosage of sildenafil citrate marketed in form of Malegra. It is normally reserved in the following cases:

Severe chronic impotence;
No allergy towards the components;
No medical history.
Its advantages:
The most severe cases of male impotence can be managed by Malegra 100mg;
Effective over 82% of patients.

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