Malegra Reviews

Malegra Reviews

malegra1You obviously have landed on the site looking for honest Malegra review and case study and that is exactly what you will find here. I urge you to read the entire page if you have the time, simply because this is just not a sale page or a product page, but the information on this site is carefully constructed from my personal experience/case study. The information on this site is not hear-say, but what I experienced myself. In short, if you are having erectile problems, I understand your situation, I feel your pain because I myself have undergone it and thankfully come out of it. I hope that the information on this site helps you make an informed decision.
What is Malegra?

Malegra 100  is an drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. It has the same active ingredient(sildenafil citrate) and hence works exactly the same, but at a price that is much much lower.

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Why does it cost less than the so called other famous ED drugs?
Malegra 100 mg and other sildenafil citrate formulations are made by the top pharmaceutical manufacturers in Asia. It is not manufactured within the US, because in the US, Pfizer holds the patent for sildenafil citrate(which enables them to price the drug very high). Since it is manufactured in India and other parts of Asia where Pfizer does not hold the patent, the drug is relatively cheap as the manufacturer(Ajanta Pharma) is not allowed to overprice the medication. For more information on the manufacturer, you can lookup their site – Ajanta Pharma.
How Malegra Works?

Penile erection is nothing but the penile arteries getting filled with blood. The menis does not have any muscles or bones and relies on a complex set of actions for the arteries in the penis to get filled with blood thereby causing an erection. Various health and lifestyle problems may hinder this natural ability. Malegra 50 mg enhances the inherent ability by inhibiting PDE5 there by enabling good erections. The actual explanation is bit more complicated, but I am sure you will be happy to know there is a science to it all and its pretty involved and accurate and most importantly, it plain works!

How to take it?

Malegra tablets  is chemically identical to Viagra(except for the price lol). So all precautions and side effects that apply to Viagra applies to thios drug as well. Lets summarize:
Take Malegra pill 30min to an hour before you plan intercourse. You basically have a 4 hour window where the medicine will remain effective.
Side effects may include headache, runny nose and in rare cases some temporary vision changes.
If you experience priapism(prolonged erection that doesn’t go away for hours), you will need to seek medical care. It does not happen in most cases, maybe 1 in a million.
People suffering from heart diseases are usually not advised to try sildenafil citrate formulations like Malegra. However some doctors may allow 25 mg or one-third pill – but personally I wouldn’t ask you to do it if you have heart problems. Oh, and do not take this medication a if you are taking nitrate based medications on the same day, because the medications do interfere with each other.

Best Place to buy Malegra 50

Unfortunately, the online marketplace is full of fake and unscrupulous sites posing as online pharmacies and choosing a reliable one could prove to be a daunting task, but one that is so very important as it is your health that is at stake. After careful considerations and a lot of trial and error, I can safely suggest here).

HOW Malegra HELPED ME – My Real Life Experience
About Me: I was a 43 year old Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and Independent Financial Adviser and I considered myself successful. I was married and have 3 young children.  I am now divorced and my ex-wife has custody of the children. Post divorce I realized the true definition of being successful – success is not money, success is having a good family – money helps, but only upto a point. Okay I will cut this wallowing now and get to the point.

The Problem: It would seem an exaggeration, but I firmly believe that my tryst with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is partly responsible for a lot of bad things that happened in my life. It created a rift in my marital life. My wife thought I didn’t love her and I kept getting increasingly frustrated after repeated failures in bed. I firmly believe that even though erectile dysfunction isn’t life threatening directly, it still does threaten a man’s individuality, confidence, self esteem and peace of mind and as such delivers the life threatening blow indirectly. The wife gets upset, you get upset, you blame the world, keep getting angry and frustrated and show it on the family and at work and slowly but surely the ailment ruins a good life.

My Divorce: Anyways, what transpired is things got from bad to worse and I got divorced. I was a shattered man, my work suffered too – I could only see my kids occasionally as my wife got their custody(I didn’t really oppose the custody as I was a wreck then and knew she would take care of the children). All this happened more than 2 years ago.

The Malegra Resurrection: I am now a year again into a happy and loving relationship and our sex life is great. You see a year after I split from my now ex-wife, I met a wonderful and understanding woman who suggested I see my doctor and possibly use medication to address my ED. I went for a consultation, and it took all my courage to have a face to face conversation with a doctor.